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Heinz Luchner
Rainer Wechselberger
Johannes Wechselberger
Heinrich Luchner
Mag. iur. Heinrich Luchner, born November 1st 1966
1981-1985 Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium (Higher Secondary School) in Schwaz
1989- 1993 University of Innsbruck: law degree program
1994-1995 Clerkship at the State Courthouse of Innsbruck (Appeal's Senat) and Upper State Courthouse of Innsbruck
1996 – 2000 Solicitor Aspirant in law offices of LInz, Innsbruck, and Mayrhofen
1998 Successful completion of the bar exam
2000 as from March 1, 2000, registered solicitor in Austria
2005 Founding of the law offices of Luchner & Wechselberger with Dr. iur. Rainer Wechselberger
2006 Since 2006, member of the exam committee for the bar exam at the Upper State Courthouse in Innsbruck
2010 Joining of MMag. Johannes Wechselberger to the law offices of now Luchner, Wechselberger& Wechselberger
  Main Fields of Activity
  • Agricultural Law
  • Planning Permit
  • Builders - Construction Law
  • Marriage and Family Law
  • Inheritance
  • Commercial Law
  • Basic Traffic Law
  • Trademark and Design Protection
  • Tenancy
  • Real Estate Law
  • Regional Planning Law
  • Ski Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Apartment Ownership Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Constitution and Treaty Law
  • Civil Law