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Agricultural Law
Counsel and Advice in Agricultural and Farming cases, z.b. TFLG, WWSG etc.
Employment Law
Contracts and Employment Law issues
Building Law
Drafting of Work Contracts, Law questions regarding ÖNORMEN (i.e. ÖNORM B2110, Representation in Court regarding warranties and compensation, securing evidence.
Builders and and Construction Law
Drafting and Examination of Builder Contracts, Company Contracts in the building trade.
Building Regulations
Counsel in regards to obtaining building permits, law in regards to neighbor issues
Counsel and Advise in regards to Easements and Easement Contracts
Marital and Family Law
Counsel in amicable and litigous divorce procedures, drafting of divorce applications on agreeable terms, visitation rights.
Law of Succession
Counsel in Law of Succession including drafting of decrees, regulation of succession as well as representation and conclusion of inheritance issues.
Driver´s License
Counsel and Representation in regards to driving issues i.e. losing the driver´s license
Municipal Law
Representaion in Municipal Law, local tax and fees
Company Law
Founding and Re-establising of personal and capital companies, Purchase and Sale of Company Shares, creating Foundations, Clubs and Unions
Industrial Law
Representation in matters of law regarding Industrial issues, neighborhood issues in industrial law
Corporate Law
Commercial Law, Internet Law. Brand and Tradeprotection, Internet and Domain Law, e-commerce
Collecting debt and hortatory proceedings
Law of Insolvency (bankruptcy)
Representation of guarantor, statement of collection, representation of debtors, insolvency and compensation applications, especially regarding private persons
Real Estate Law
Proofing and drafting of sales contracts for apartments and other real estate, gift contracts of succession contracts, partition of real estate.
Brand Law
Registration of Trades and Brands
Tenancy Law
Tenancy Contracts, Representation of Tenants and Landlords
Patient Decree/Preventive Decree
Registration of Patient and Preventive Decrees
Patent Law
Registration of Patents
Product Liability
Execution or Defense of claims against faulty products
Travel Law
Representation in Travel issues, cancellation of travel contracts, compensatory claims
Sports and Ski Law
Representation regarding football law, ski accidents, sports accidents
Criminal Law
Representation and defense in criminal law cases
Traffic Law
Representation in traffic accidents, execution or defense against compensation claims
Administrative Law
Representaionin administrative Law, legal remedy, complaints against administrative or constitutional court
Insurance Law
Representation and Counsel in insurance issues, liabilily and legal protection, social security law, pension law
Business and Company Law
Drafting and proofing of business terms and conditions as well as trade contracts, especially marketing and license contracts
Civil Law
Representation in civil law cases, especially the execution or defense against compensatory claims i.e. claims resulting from service, malpractice, accidents